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An exquisite buffet needs also a fitting frame

... and the perfect presentation. We offer not only comprised stylish furniture for rent, but also extensive event equipment. Our friendly team is trained to take extremely good care of your event and to meet your individual planning to perfection.




Every event has another "face". Whether you want to organize a company or a private celebration, a product presentation or a graduation: We have the suitable draught for every occasion. Also for seminars, workshops and conferences.

Meal offers

Our offers include meals from five continents, which through the great variety of meals allow us to combine. We assist you with pleasure to make the suitable choice for you and your guests. The professional presentation, the fine aroma and the delicate taste of our dishes guarantee your satisfaction


Louis Braille Haus

Ares Tower

Hägelinggasse 4-6
1140 Wien
Donau City Straße 11
1220 Wien
T: +43 (0) 1 908 1339


Our well trained staff provides for a professionally organized event: Coordinator, cooks and assistant cooks, professional barkeepers and service staff.

Furniture rent

Starting with leather sofas up to your DJ-system, our furniture offer are extensive, you are bound to find something to your liking: Chairs (with or without covers) various tables, matching table clothes, Viennese long benches, tents, party-equipment and much more.