Ambrosia BG Kaeseplatte

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Heurigen Platters

Mini chicken cutlet coated with kernel-batter, beef balls, smoked ham stuffed with horseradish-cream, tender smoked ham, crispy fried pork fat spread, crispy fried pork pieces, pepper-cream-cheese spread, apple-horseradish, fresh horseradish, mustard, served with coleslaw, potato lamb's lettuce salad, 

served with a variety of local breads specialities


Heurigen Desserts


Sacher cake cubes with apricot-cream


Orient Platters

Beef meat balls, chicken meat balls, falafel served with humus, tomato sauce dip, grilled eggplant ragout, stuffed wine leaves with a yoghourt mint dip, Ambrosia bulgur salad, chili goat cheese balls garnished with vegetables, served with oriental bread


Orient Dessert

Honey cinnamon rice

Bakhlava variations